Below are some of the testimonials from clients, retreat attendees, students, and Mentores

  1. Should you feel called to her, let her intuitively communicate with your spirit guides to serve you in a way that is best suited for your development and where you are in your awakening. Patricia has mastery in more areas than I can write. Because of this, she's able to help anyone in someway. Ascension, or the return to pure source consciousness, is achievable by everyone on the planet today. The way we do this is through shadow work, or the healing of ancient parts of ourselves which are ready to be reunited into our current consciousness. Consciousness is the basis of your lifetime. By working with your shadow through the Hall of Records with Patricia, you are gifting yourself remembrance of who you are. She can do sessions over the phone if you are outside of the DFW area. Reach out to her should you feel called. She is one of my most treasured teachers and an incredible awakening guide. Intuitively, she is able to read where you are and help you from there. For those who know Mama Pat, you know how special her magic truly is. ✨  Sara

  2. From the moment I met you and walked into your office/spiritual space, I felt at ease and the greatest energy I have ever felt. I know in my heart I made the right decision to go on this journey with you!  I doubted myself, but again you made me believe that I could go on this journey! I surpassed my expectations and after listening and talking about my past lives, they all make so much sense to my life I’m living now. Since I left you, I have felt lighter and more free in my being and actions! I’m using the “wall up, mirrors out”. For the last 2 days I haven’t let any negative energy in and I’m able to do my job with a positive attitude and I’m more proficient. I have even brought make my silly, playful side, hence the “jester”! From our talk about my life and my past relationships, you made me realize that I am a”masterful manifester”! I believe now! I have been asking the specific questions and have been manifesting right and left! This is exactly what I needed in my spiritual journey and to continue my awakening. I’m trusting my intuition more and more everyday! I also have tapped into feeling my moms feelings from Kansas. I’m using the tools you gave and suggested for me to live to my fullest potential in my everyday life! Much love and gratitude to you Patricia, you are a bright light and powerful presence! I’m so glad the divine let us cross paths!  Amy

  3. It all started with my first EMO Trance session that I noticed she wasn't like other practitioners/healers that say you have a lot of problems and lure you in for a lot of continuous sessions. She led the session but also taught me how to do the healing for myself. I felt a big difference after the session and it was life changing experience for me.  I knew she was a healer I could trust so I decided to try all of her other services(Sacred Activations, Hypnosis, Past Live Regressions, Hall of Records, Meetups) and because of that I have learned a lot about myself that I could ever imagine. Not only did she help me heal but also discovered that I had the ability of a healer.  So now I'm her student and I can also say that as a teacher she is wonderful. She is not like traditional instructors that give you books and tell you to follow their teaching to the T. She gives you the option to make them your own and makes you feel comfortable in using her teachings/tools.  I have been to two of the intensive retreats with her they're also great. It is a powerful healing and learning experience like no other. You get to meet like minded ladies that contribute to your healing and learning. You leave the retreat feeling empowered, different and relaxed.  ~Rosa G.

  4. Working with Patricia is like working with Ancient Earth Magic coupled with Star Nation Wisdom.  Her Past Life Regressions and QHHT sessions are seriously impactful to your healing.  This combined with her gifts for moving energy with numerous healing modalities she guides in many upward shifts into your reality almost instantly.  Her Journeys and guided meditations are masterful as well as her trips to visit your Akashic records. Soul retrieval,Sacred Activations, ancient tribal healing and so many other gifts are also apart of her magical healing tool belt. ~ Amy F

  5. I was asked to attend a meetup from a friend, not knowing where the conversation might go I agreed but with some hesitation. At the end through casual talking a friend told me about QHHT, I was instantly interested as I had for so long wanted to find someone that I trusted to go under hypnosis. That person was Patricia, I had told her I was unsure if I could be taken under and she assured me all would be fine.  Little did I know that it would be life changing for me. The experience was amazing and brought clarity to me that for many years I had had fears of. Through this process it was healing in many areas. To learn so much about myself would be to say an understatement.  I would recommend anyone who wishes to have a deeper or better understanding of perhaps who they are or why they have certain fears to do this.  Many thanks to Patricia for the session! Highly recommend.  Gloria

  6. I can't express how important understanding past life connections are to experiencing a pleasant journey this go around. The clarity, healing and understanding that can come from one of these sessions is profound. Patricia is someone I trust immensely. It's very important when you're doing this kind of work to find somebody who is able to allow you to feel safe and comfortable, someone who has a great depth of knowledge and an authentic desire to help, heal and guide you to your highest existence. Someone who wants you to have the best possible experience. QHHT is a very comprehensive technique creating a balanced journey. Allowing you to get the most out of the experience. If you're ready for a deep understanding and some unprecedented healing I definitely suggest QHHT with Patricia.  Amelia

  7. It's been about two months since my QHHT session with Patricia and I continue to notice just wonderful lessons unfolding in front of me I feel like something has been opened and I am learning lessons much more quickly and precisely and clearly.   The first thing that I experienced from the QHHT session was a reduction in my pain in my hip and my leg. There were action steps that I had to take to get this relief. One was reaching out to others and the other was yoga and moving my body. These answers were provided in my session another development was that I had some hesitation about my current relationship and I talked to my partner about my session and my past lives and we came to understand that each of us was holding fear and it's been bumpy in these last two months but we are not giving up on each other and I feel that we are understanding each other much more clearly and that the motivation for everything that we do is love and that we do have to be softer to each other. So it improved my health improved my relationship with my partner. And in my work it's given me confidence about the healing that I do. I'm a massage therapist and also a hypnotist and I am being drawn closer to the hypnotism part of my career. I have people are coming into my life that are asking for hypnosis. People are also coming into my life that are providing me additional modalities like energy work. I'm even considering QHHT as a modality to offer my clients because I see the awesome benefits and I have to say that Patricia is so gifted and talented at helping you identify issues and feel at ease trusting her.

  8. I just had to write and thank you Patricia, since I started doing the Sacred Activations from you, my life has already seen great changes! I am been feeling better and I even landed 3 new clients in one day! As you know health and finances we the 2 focus of what I have been wanting to balance back into harmony. I can not thank you enough and I so look forward to training under you. These activations are exactly what has been missing in not only my personal life but my professional one as well. You are truly a gift and such a beautiful and pure channel for the activations! Thank you for showing up!  Much love, Rev. Jamie Streett

  9. Patricia, Thank you for an incredible weekend. I can't express how grateful I'm am for all the knowledge, healing techniques & actual healing work that was done.  To all you ladies; you are an awesome & powerful group. I'm happy & proud to know you.   Syndi

  10. Patricia’s calm, inviting demeanor and her accurate channeling will leave you feeling like you got a huge hug. Never forced or pressed upon you, her messages are always what you need in the moment. I found out answers to questions I had but didn’t even ask! I highly recommend a reading with Patricia!   Danielle

  11. Patricia, Thank you so much for the incredible light language reading today. Your channel led light language is so beautiful and healing. For anyone considering a reading, please know it will help heal you on a soul level. Light language is a form of sound healing and it literally can reprogram our thoughts, emotions, physical health and DNA. Every time I have the pleasure to receive codes from you, it truly alters my entire being. The love and light you sent to me today has brought clarity and peace to my soul. I felt years of old records being cleared and transformed. Your codes continue to work for me every time I think of you, what an amazing gift ! Thank you so much !! Love and Light, ErinI’ve been working with Patricia Walls for several years. When I heard she was going to start sharing light language readings I was thrilled, intrigued, and ALL IN. Patricia’s style, level of integrity, ability, and connection to source is truly magical and deeply grounded. My experience was as usual profound! When I am working with her it is in all ways a sacred, rich, and rewarding experience. I received clear, direct, and loving guidance from a masterful place. Thank You Patricia for all you do in service to humanity, Gaia, and our Ascension. With immense generosity of spirit in every experience with every soul you light the way for so many.  AmyI have known Patricia a number of years & she always brings a level of clarity to any session I have had with her. The most recent experience has been a light language reading. A day or so before our session I had a rattle snake totem experience. My question was what will transformation represented by snake involve? The information I received from Patricia was spot on. It provided peace & understanding to an unsettling experience. I am very thankful my path has crossed with Patricia’s. She is a blessing.  Laura

  12. Sistar Patricia gifted me with a Light Language reading.  The question I had was concerning confusion on a relationship.  It was explained that this person and myself are having a different relationship in another dimension and that is why I keep having snippets of insight and feelings that I don’t understand or know what to do with.  She asked me if I had anything else I wanted to ask.  I asked for insight on the condition with my hip. I have had a past life in which I was a concubine of my brother in my current life. I tried to escape him and he broke my hip and leg so I could not run away again. Also, I am  overweight, have fibromyalgia and  pulmonary hypertension so it is difficult to get through the day on most days.  While Patricia was speaking with the council, I could literally feel them working on my hip, in my gut area and also felt them working on a scar I have on my forehead that I’ve had since about 18 months old.  There was a tingling and warmth in these areas and it felt very loving and nice.  After the transmission, Patricia told me that she received message that cords were cut from the past life with my brother and an implant removed.  That she saw them holding my face in their hands and that they were going to help me get rid of the excess weight.  She also talked to me about speaking Light Language and that it would be helpful for me to do it on a daily basis.  It took me almost a week to work up to attempting to speak Light Language.  I began by doing what I call toning exercises.  I was totally amazed at not only how easily it came out, but the change in my body while I was speaking.  I felt my entire body expand, yet get lighter with light entering my body and going into every cell while cleaning out the junk between them.  My vision changed/improved after about 15 minutes.  The colors were more vibrant and I had a feeling of extreme happiness.  I felt that I was one with the world, yet separate and could feel the separate parts of myself.  It was so loving and peaceful.  After about 30 minutes, I even began singing in Light Language.  It sounded beautiful, which is nothing short of a miracle. I have been tone deaf as long as I remember and my singing has never been beautiful. I cannot wait to see what all opens up over the next days and weeks as I start to speak on a daily basis. When I think of where I am compared to even 5 years ago, it is nothing short of amazing.  I thank you for your part in my life from the very depths of my soul!  I am so pleased to have you in my life and look forward to getting through school so I will have more time available to spend with you.  Light, Laughter and Love, Kim

  13. I just wanted to reach out to you about the Wed night trip to the Hall of Records. What an amazing evening/trip/session! All of it. I wanted to share with you what I learned.  I listened to the tape again last night & took another trip there, with completely different results: Wed evening - the table was piled high with scrolls and dust, and my little "room" was surrounded by cloudy glass, so that I could see the library beyond, but I couldn't get there; nor could I see anything specific. Having the Guard there was just what you suggested - I was only going to deal with the big ole pile of generic stuff that night.   Last night, my trip there was a little different. Yes, the guard was still there, but did not feel threatening - more like he was just a companion. A helper. And for every query - romantic/intimate relationships, lack, money, purpose - there were several specific items on the table. I was able to pick them up and examine them. Edit if needed & send back. I decided not to destroy these records, but to "bookmark" my place & come back to actually do work with them. Much forgiveness is needed, but much clarity was found just by identifying these things. THANK YOU for your time, your love, your energy, and your willingness to teach. You are indeed a point of light - a lighthouse - guiding the way.  I look forward to spending time with you in the future.   Susan G

  14.  Thank you so much Patricia for the healing session which was what I wanted. Listening to the session again later helps to understand better cause during the session it's hard to process everything. A question I have is that part of the parallel life entity I was coiled together with was a part of my being right in that life to experience life? It wasn't a different entity right? I'm aware of parallel life but never thought it could affect one's present life. Very interesting. I knew there was some entity affecting me in the love of the heart because since young when someone expresses love for me my heart would automatically constrict which didn't come from me. I had thought it was a spirit from past life doing that and I had 8 years ago tried to release that and felt strongly how that spirit didn't want to let go and I even felt in my heart I didn't want to let go. This make complete sense now where it came from. Well I'm going to work on my old habits now that I'm aware of what's been going on so I don't bring it into my relationship anymore.  Jen

  15.  So today was probably the BEST day of school yet!  I did a bunch of practices this morning on the train on my way to school as I was feeling things come up.  And there was a total shift in our relationship today!  I was relentless (but in a very kind and compassionate way) in giving her feedback about her lessons and teaching style.  Though she resisted my feedback a little at times, I continued to be compassionate and was able to phrase things in a way that she understood and agreed with.  I didn't feel ANY anxiety while I was giving feedback either.  The kids were the best behaved today than they have ever been, and I think it's because they felt the classroom was finally really there to support them.  They felt safe.  I even went out of my way to compliment my co-teacher a bunch so that she knew I could see her efforts.  It was a great day.  Amanda

  16.  Thank you soooooo much for those tools!  I'm so excited to be working with you!  Clarice

  17.  Thank you so much!  I am amazed at the insight that our session revealed.  I look forward to our next one.  I will be scheduling soon.  Terri

  18.  I just wanted to share that I had amazing dreams last night. I haven’t remembered my dreams in many years.  And my lower back is currently pain free. I got off the couch with zero effort. Shania

  19.  Thank you again for such important guidance. I feel quite naïve and somewhat embarrassed.  Now that I am on this side of it, it makes complete sense. Shying away from the light makes sense as well. Putting all these pieces together is relieving my anxiety.  I feel okay now following my path, especially now with this new information and understanding. Rebecca

  20.  Thank you so much for the session and helping me truly understand my part in my divorce! I thought about what you said this morning and I had a really good cry just now. They were definitely healing tears!  Laura

  21.  I have to thank you for helping me facilitate healing, I feel like a fog has lifted and the anxiety that plagued me is nearly gone. I can feel where the tension was held in my body for so long that has now released, I would say, 85% gone. I can feel where I need to work on certain things. I feel like our session was highly effective for me. Annette

  22.  After the session I feel so much better.  My energy it's so much better and omg I'll be honest with you it's been a week that I don't watch those bad movies. Like yes you will think I'm crazy but oh well. And it was super weird before it's like that I wanted to see it but after 3 minutes of the video I will stop watching it it's like feeling ashamed but then I will think why did I wanted to see it first. I'll be honest I even taught that it was maybe an addiction but not because I wanted that. I don't know it's difficult to explain. Haha today it's the 5 night that I don't feel the to do it. I just feel good like my energy is high I'm happy.  Barbara